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Reimer Tuning

JCB Interim Tier4 Telehandler / Skidsteer Reflash

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Tier4 Final EGR/DPF Reflash and Horsepower Tuning 

Engine Control Module is required to be shipped to our location for bench flashing. This can be completed with a 3 day turnaround time. Shipping instructions will be sent out via email once an order has been confirmed online. 

This JCB skid steer/telehandler is for engines with 74hp or less and is also equipped with exhaust gas recirculation systems and diesel particulate filters only.

Note: Items with expedited shipping ordered after 12 ET will not go out until the following day. 

Horsepower Options: 
Stage 1: +10% horsepower; small torque increase.
Stage 2: +20% horsepower; increases top end performance. 

JCB Skid steers Telehandlers are supported for these tunes.
506-23TC, 506-36, 507-42, 509-42, 510-42, 510-56

What is a DPF System, what do you need to do with it?
The diesel particulate filter, or DPF is part of the exhaust aftertreatment system. It’s main purpose is to trap particulate matter, such as soot. This soot has to be periodically burned off, which regenerates the filter. When the soot level reaches a high enough percentage, the engine starts to inject fuel directly into the exhaust system. This creates heat and converts soot into carbon dioxide. Having to deal with regen can cause down time for the machine. In some cases, the DPF will have to be replaced, or cleaned manually. Not to mention it is also extremely restrictive on the engine's ability to push air out. When it comes to removing the DPF canister, the only decision you have to make is whether you hollow it out or straight pipe it! 

Emissions tuning is for off-road use only. Please consult your Provincial or State legislation, as this product may not be street legal. Removal of emissions systems cannot be performed on vehicles that are registered for highway use. It is up to the Consumer to know and understand their local legislation prior to purchasing. 

Reimer Tuning Ltd. has been tuning since 2014, we work on a wide range of applications including Kubota, Claas, and New Holland! If you have any questions regarding the JCB skid steer telehandler or JCB product, please email