John Deere "OTA" Rewriting Statement

John Deere Over the Air (OTA) Update Statement

In light of John Deere's new Over the Air software updates, factory flashes are able to be downloaded without a Technician on location. This process is not automated, an Operator does have to complete the click through process in order to complete the Over the Air update. 

During the tuning process, we are recommending that all Customers remove the MTG / JD Link fuse. This will prevent the ability to complete an Over the Air update all together, eliminating the possibility of an accidently update. 

Reimer Tuning has made the difficult decision that failing to complete this step will result in a rewrite fee of $1000 USD, plus the cost of return shipping. 

This fee also applied to any engine control module (ECM) replacements due to a faulty module. If the ECM has to be replaced, the file will have to be rewritten.

We appreciate your understanding regarding this difficult choice. If you have any questions, or concerns regarding this statement, please reach out to