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Why Our Kubota SVL95 Delete Kit?

Mon, Feb 14, 2022

Our "Why" Behind Our Kit

Working on a farm, I had always been a fan of Kubota - especially their skid steers. When the Kubota SVL95 came to market, it seemed like no one was able to create a successful tune for them. There was a challenge, a drive that started to grow. I wanted to understand what made them so much more difficult than the Kubota SVL90's, or even the Kubota SVL75's. It was the middle of 2019, and I went out and purchased my first SVL95 and fell in love right away! It made for a great research and development project, and let me tell you - it was worth it! 

What We Found

Since we brought this tune to market, what we found really aligned with Customer feedback as well.

Kubota SVL Emissions Delete Kit EGR DPF DEL

After a tune and a delete, these are simply different animals. It's like a new machine! Is something we hear quite regularly. There are a few reasons for this that we feel like we need to unpack further. The first reason is that Kubota SVL95's are detuned from factory. They run at a 10% deficit compared to their Brother and Sister, the Takeuchi TL12 and CAT 299. This is why we have a 20% Kubota DPF Delete Kit option for the Kubota SVL95, and only a 10% for horsepower when it comes to the TL12 and the 299. Another reason why the delete is worth it is these have Kubota DPF Delete, EGR, DEF problems. "It's a really great machine, except for these dang emissions!" is something we hear on just about every phone call. The DPF system is always regening, and the DEF pumps fail - constantly. Let's dive in this a little more. 


Kubota Delete Kit

EGR System

This system is the main instigator when it comes to emissions issues on the Kubota SVL95's. The exhaust gas recirculation system causes major issues with this skid steers, however they tend to go undetected. If the valve on the EGR system is covered in soot, it'll allow gas to escape, resulting in build up within the Kubota DPF. This results in engine faults for the diesel particulate filter, as well as the exhaust gas recirculation system. However, the EGR system is secondary to the DPF which means DPF codes are the ones displayed first. Our recommendation? Block it off and never have to worry about it again!


DPF System

Imagine this, you wake up on Monday morning, get to the job site. 7:57am, coffee in your hand. You are going to get a lot done today, you can feel it. Fire up the skid steer, and just like a punch to the gut, park regen required. Here are a few things you need to know about these Kubota SVL95's, they regen - a lot. Even eight hours at least. Why is that? There is a counter in the dash that forces an auto regen every eight hours of run time. It's even sooner than that if you are letting the skid steer idle. What we have found through our Customers is that as hours are put on the skid steer, the auto regen doesn't fully clean the diesel particulate filter, causing it to slowly fill up with soot. Eventually, our Customers have to take it to the dealer where they recommend replacing the Kubota DPF canister. Now feels like a good time to mention that a full diesel particulate filter is around $10,000 (CAD). A Kubota tune for a fraction of that cost is generally what steers customers our way from there. It's less, and the system is completed removed.


DEF System

Call if for what you will, the weak link in this emissions system is the Kubota diesel exhaust fluid pump.

Kubota EGR DPF DEL Emissions Solutions

These pumps have a habitual tendency to fail, and from what we have heard from our Client Base is that they are between 4-6 weeks out, on direct back order from Kubota. It should also be mentioned that the selective catalyst reduction system is the same price as a diesel particulate filter, right around that $10,000 mark. The amount of tunes that we have completed because "The New Guy'' put diesel in the diesel exhaust fluid system which makes anyone's eyes water. When a small mishap like this happens, the entire system is contaminated and has to be completely replaced. Tank, dozer, and yes - the SCR canister. When it comes to our solution for these Kubota SVL95’s the entire system can stay in place, there is no need to remove anything.

We were excited when we finally cracked this Kubota ECM! Being able to bring a software only tune (no resistors required) to market is a huge win. When they released the Kubota SVL97, we were even more pleased that the protocol is the same. This means that this solution for Kubota SVL97-2 problems isn't going anywhere anytime soon! There is a reason why this has been our number one seller since Spring of 2021! We are currently on our second Kubota SVL95 and it isn't going anywhere, we love having this skid steer to use on our own farm. Believe me when I say, it's the full delete plus the Stage 2 horsepower!

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