DPF Delete & Other Product: FAQs

We get a lot of questions about our Reimer Tuning Engine Control Module & Aftertreatment Control Module products - and they use all sorts of words to describe them, like:

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Other Terms

  • DPF System
  • DEF Delete
  • DPF Delete Tune Tractor
  • Delete DEF System
  • EGR DPF Delete

So we thought we'd put together some of the most frequently asked questions about:

  • blocker pates
  • OEM gaskets
  • ECM emissions
  • ACM controllers
  • removal of DPF filter and installation of EGR plate
  • EGR gasket
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What makes the Reimer Tuning EGR, DPF, DEF, Reflash and Tractor Horsepower Tuning different from other tuners?
Well, we went out and bought an SVL95 to ensure that our product was perfect when we first brought it to market. We had the chance to help build the protocol that was required in order to be able to reflash these skid steers, and let us be the first to say - it works flawlessly! There is no more worrying about diesel exhaust fluid, or having your machine go into regen mode because of the diesel particulate filter. This Kubota SVL95-2 delete kit includes everything that you will need. Once an order has been confirmed, step-by-step instructions will be sent out to show you how to complete the mechanical portion of the reflash. Included in the kit is a blocker plate for the exhaust gas recirculation valve, accompanied by an OEM gasket to ensure a perfect seal. As well as a DPF reset tool to prevent the auto-regen setting in the dashboard. Having a diesel particulate filter is like breathing through a straw, it is extremely restrictive! The only decision you have to make is if you’re going to hollow out, or straight pipe the DPF system. This Kubota DPF delete will eliminate the DPF canister which really opens the engine bay up. Let your Kubota engine breathe the way it was designed to.

And what about this "Reflash Master" Handheld tractor tuning & skidsteer tuning device from Reimer Tuning?
Our Reflash Master handheld device is a user-friendly way to tune your machine. Covering a wide variety of applications, the Reflash Master handheld device comes with everything you need to get your equipment back up and running in no time. This handheld comes with all the hardware and software that is required to connect to the machine, and your computer. Included in this kit is the Reflash Master Client software, a Quick Reference Guide, a USB cable, and the required Kubota diagnostic cable. We also have a full walk through tutorial video to show the entire process from start to finish. The Reflash Master can also be used on multiple pieces of equipment, contact us for more information.

How do I get more horsepower for my tractor or more power for my construction equipment?
This is a question that we get asked quite often. If you are in a situation where you feel like the machine you have is lacking in the horsepower department, we can help! When it comes to horsepower increases, the best way to explain it is that we are making the engine more efficient. It produces more power, sooner. When operating the equipment, it will take less load on the engine to get up to speed. This reduced the overall load on the engine, and as a result reduces the amount of fuel required. If there is a situation where more power is needed, you’ll have the extra horsepower available to you! It really is the best of both worlds. 

What is an EGR System, and why remove them?
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a method that is used to control Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions. The purpose of this system is to return a small portion of exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber through the intake manifold. Lowering combustion temperature, resulting in a reduction of NOx emissions. The issue with EGR systems is that the valve can stick open due to carbon deposits. A worst case scenario is that the EGR becomes completely blocked, this will result in poor fuel mileage and a loss of power. When this occurs, it results in engine warning lights and the equipment going into limp mode. The vast majority of exhaust gas recirculation valves power off in the closed position. This means that once they are de-energized, they are in the shut position. On a few select applications, we offer block off plates. These plates are used as a fail safe, to ensure that there is no exhaust coming back into the intake system.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?
A DPF is a device that captures and removes particulate matter (PM) from the exhaust gases of diesel engines. The filter is made up of a ceramic honeycomb structure that has a series of tiny channels or pores, which trap the soot particles as the exhaust gases pass through. The trapped soot particles are then burned off during a process called regeneration.

What is Regeneration?
Regeneration is the process of burning off the trapped soot particles from the DPF. There are two types of regeneration: passive and active.

Passive regeneration occurs naturally during normal driving conditions when the exhaust gases are hot enough to burn off the trapped soot particles in the DPF. This usually occurs at highway speeds or during heavy engine loads when the exhaust gases are hotter.

Active regeneration, on the other hand, is a process where the engine management system intentionally raises the temperature of the exhaust gases to burn off the soot particles. This is done when the exhaust gases are not hot enough to burn off the soot particles naturally, which can occur during low-speed driving or idling.

How Does Active Regeneration Work?
There are two methods of active regeneration: passive and active.

Passive regeneration occurs when the engine management system detects that the exhaust gas temperature is not high enough to burn off the soot particles. The system will then introduce a small amount of fuel into the exhaust system, which will be ignited in the DPF to raise the temperature of the exhaust gases and burn off the trapped soot particles.

Active regeneration occurs when the engine management system detects that the soot level in the DPF has reached a certain threshold. The system will then inject additional fuel into the engine to increase the exhaust gas temperature and initiate the regeneration process. The system may also adjust other engine parameters, such as the injection timing and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), to ensure that the exhaust gases are hot enough to burn off the soot particles.

During the regeneration process, the temperature inside the DPF can reach up to 600 degrees Celsius. To prevent damage to the filter, the engine management system monitors the temperature and may adjust the regeneration process as needed.

What is software tuning?
Software tuning is customized engine management, that is flashed onto your engine control module. This results in an increase of horsepower and torque, while reducing the overall engine load - this helps reduce fuel consumption. Improved torque makes the vehicle more responsive while working with heavy loads. It can also be used to reflash the emissions system that is equipped on a piece of equipment. Some applications have to come to our shop directly to be tuned, however the majority of the equipment on the market today is supported through our handheld device! 

Which vehicles can be tuned?
We can optimize modern tractors, harvesters, combines, sprayers, construction equipment, and just about anything else with a diesel engine! While we have the capability of tuning just any diesel engine on the market today, we specialize in agriculture and construction equipment. 

Emissions Removal: 
Custom emissions system reflashing is a popular option. We can provide customers that are experiencing costly tractor downtime and high fuel consumption emissions solutions for machines that are on or off warranty. Through custom tailoring of the engine control module, we can remove the exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, and diesel exhaust fluid (also known as UREA). This will increase the machine's overall efficiency and reliability!  


Reimer Tuning has been Custom Tuning Tractors and Custom Tuning Construction Equipment since 2014, and we are excited to work with you! Please feel free to reach out to sales@reimertuning.com if you have any questions.