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Reimer Tuning

File Rewrite Insurance

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File Rewrite Insurance 

We offer a comprehensive File Rewrite Insurance package for engine control modules. In the event of a replacement or a reset to factory settings, we will rewrite the file for a nominal fee of $495 USD (+ shipping and handling*). Using the original method of flashing; bench flashing or handheld device. We ensure that your machines performance is restored to its optimal state. With our insurance, you get peace of mind knowing that any adjustments needed post-ECM replacement or restoration are covered.

  • Coverage Benefits:
    • Guarantees file rewrite using the original flashing method.
    • Ensures the integrity and performance of the equipment's engine control module.
    • Restores customized tuning settings to maintain optimal performance.
  • How to Claim:
    • Contact Reimer Tuning for assistance. (
    • Provide necessary details regarding the replacement and flashing of the engine control module. Please include the original order number, and serial number. 
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment's performance is restored with precision and care.

Is Purchasing the Insurance worth it?

After the initial one-year warranty period, the cost of reflashing the engine control module (ECM) is discounted by 10% from the retail price without insurance, as per our warranty structure. Investing in insurance would be worthwhile if the equipment being tuned is expected to remain in use for years to come or serves as the primary piece of equipment.

Shipping and Handheld Fees

Fees are calculated at the time of rewriting, and are only applied when control modules are sent for bench flashing. Customers will have the option of either ground or expedited for return shipping. Any duties and taxes will also be included in the fee. 

Rewrite insurance must be purchased with initial tune, and on the same invoice. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns. 

John Deere is excluded from this offer: Please see John Deere Rewrite Insurance for more information. 

Insurance is non-transferable