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Reimer Tuning

2011-2015 Case Wheel Loaders Tier4A 121F-1121F Reflash

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2011-2015 121F-1121F

Tier 4A DEF Removal with Horsepower Tuning 

We can ship anywhere in North America in 1 business day
Includes 1 year software warranty with Reflash Master kit
DEF Removal Module includes 2 year warranty

Note: Items with expedited shipping ordered after 12 ET will not go out until the following day. 

Application List:
Case Wheel Loaders Tier4A 121F-1121F

DEF Removal Options:
- Play and Play DEF Module
- Reflash Master handheld device with all required cables

Step by Step instructions via email for disconnecting the DCU on your Tractor included 

Horsepower Tune:
Stage 1 Tune focuses on fuel economy with small torque increase

Plug and Play Module:
This Module is a plug and play piece that allows you to remove DEF emissions on Tier4A tractors. This emissions module is simple to install, with no splicing or cutting of any wires needed. The SCR system is emulated by the device, so the engine control module believes nothing is wrong. You will not have access to your diagnostic port after installation, but there is a "Y" connector so you can still use the port if necessary. Made in Canada!

Reflash Master Handheld Device:
The Reflash Master Handheld Device is a handheld device used to tune agricultural and construction equipment. This handheld comes with all the hardware and software that is required to connect to the machine, and your computer. Included in this kit is the Reflash Master Client software, a Quick Reference Guide, a USB cable, and the required diagnostic cable. We also have a full walk through tutorial video to show the entire process from start to finish.

In need of more power? We can help with that!  
This is a question that we get asked quite often. When it comes to horsepower increases, the best way to explain it is that we are making the engine more efficient. It produces more power, sooner. If you drive the equipment nicely, you will get up to speed faster, keeping the engine load lower - reducing overall load. If there is a situation where more power is needed, you’ll have the extra horsepower that you need! It really is the best of both worlds.

Which vehicles can be tuned?
We can optimize modern tractors, harvesters, combines, sprayers, construction equipment, and just about anything else with a diesel engine! While we have the capability of tuning just any diesel engine on the market today, we specialize in agriculture and construction equipment. 

Emissions tuning is for off-road use only. Please consult your Provincial or State legislation, as this product may not be street legal. Removal of emissions systems cannot be performed on vehicles that are registered for highway use. It is up to the Consumer to know and understand their local legislation prior to purchasing. 

Reimer Tuning is proud to be owned and operated in Canada! We have been around since 2014, and we are excited to work with you! If you have any questions regarding this product, or any others on our site. Please feel free to contact us via email at, or call (403) 312-5818 and we will be happy to assist you.