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Reimer Tuning

2011-2014 Puma/Magnum/Maxxum Tractor Reflash

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Reflash Options

Tier 4A DEF Removal and Horsepower Tuning

We can ship anywhere in North America in 1 business day
Includes 1 year software warranty with Reflash Master kit
DEF Removal Module includes 2 year warranty

Note: Items with expedited shipping ordered after 12 ET will not go out until the following day. 

DEF Removal Options:
- Play and Play DEF Module
- Reflash Master handheld device with all required cables

Step by Step instructions via email for disconnecting the DCU on your Tractor included 

Horsepower Options: 
Custom Tuning: Up to +20% increase in horsepower
*For Case IH 370 models

Application List:

Case IH Magnum 

 Magnum 180   Magnum 190   Magnum 210   Magnum 215   
 Magnum 220   Magnum 225   Magnum 235   Magnum 240   
 Magnum 250   Magnum 260   Magnum 290   Magnum 315   
 Magnum 340

Case IH Puma   Puma 130   Puma 140   Puma 150   Puma 160   Puma 165   Puma 170   Puma 175   Puma 180   Puma 185   Puma 195 
Case IH Maxxum   Maxxum 110   Maxxum 115   Maxxum 120   Maxxum 125   Maxxum 130   Maxxum 140   Maxxum 150

Plug and Play Module:
The Tier4A module is a plug and play unit. It uses the same wiring harness that comes with your tractor, and connects into the diagnostic port on the side of your cab. Since it stays in place, you will never have to worry about your SCR system again. For these Tier4A tractors, emissions can be removed using either a module or handheld device. It makes the engine control module believe that everything is working perfectly, without any issue at all. Your dash will read that all levels and temperatures are operating in their ideal range. If you are looking for a horsepower increase as well, a Reflash Master device is required in addition to the module.

Reflash Master Handheld Device:
The Reflash Master Handheld Device is a handheld device used to tune agricultural and construction equipment. It comes with all the hardware, software, and cables to connect to the machine, and your computer. Included in this kit is the Reflash Master Client software, a Quick Reference Guide, a USB cable, and the required diagnostic cable. We also have a full walk through tutorial video to show the entire process from start to finish.

What is DEF?
DEF, or diesel exhaust fluid is a liquid that is injected into the exhaust system. This part of the exhaust system is called the SCR, or the selective catalytic reduction. It is designed to remove nitrogen oxide emissions from the diesel engine. The issue with diesel exhaust fluid is that because it is 67% water, it can freeze during the winter. This can crack the DEF tank and lead to other problems. Some manufacturers use diesel exhaust fluid as their main, or only, source of emissions control. This can result in high costs, ensuring that the DEF is always full. The catalyst that is used for the DEF is not as restrictive compared to the diesel particulate filter. This means that it can stay in place, even after a reflash has taken place. We recommend that you rinse out the DEF system with water after the fluid has been drained. Diesel exhaust fluid if left alone for a long period of time can crystalize. That is why it is best to make sure everything is clean!

Emissions Removal: 
Custom emissions system reflashing is a popular option. We can provide customers that are experiencing costly downtime and high fuel consumption emissions solutions for machines that are on or off warranty. Through custom tailoring of the engine control module, we can remove the exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, and diesel exhaust fluid (also known as UREA). This will increase the machine's overall efficiency and reliability!  

Emissions tuning is for off-road use only. Please consult your Provincial or State legislation, as this product may not be street legal. Removal of emissions systems cannot be performed on vehicles that are registered for highway use. It is up to the Consumer to know and understand their local legislation prior to purchasing. 

We have been around since 2014, and we are excited to work with you! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.