Agricultural Diesel Tuning, A Replacement for Displacement.

Agricultural Diesel Tuning, A Replacement for Displacement.

Thu, May 26, 2022

Case IH and Horsepower Tuning

There is no replacement for displacement, as the saying goes. Or is there? Horsepower tuning on agricultural diesels engines is really quite interesting when we get to dive into it. What if I told you that you didn't have to spend an extra $30,000 to get 80 more horsepower. Do I have your attention yet? Good. 

We had the chance to do a horsepower tune on some farm equipment a few months back. The Case IH Magnum 290 was a part of the tutorial video that we put together for our handheld device; it opened up the conversation here at the shop, what is the difference between the horsepower levels for Case IH Tractors, is it worth it to buy the largest tractor on the market? 

Focusing specifically on Tier4B Case IH Magnums, large frame tractors. Horsepower starts at 260hp with a 8.7L Iveco. That same 8.7L is also used in the Case IH Magnum 380 series tractors. So what is the difference between these two tractors? Why does one produce 32% more horsepower than the other, and not have any change in displacement or turbo set up? Simple, it's in the tune. Even more than that, those 8.7L can handle 15% more horsepower over factory. With a conservative tune, we can still push 437hp on these tractors. 

Another great example of this is on the Case IH Steiger Quadtrac's. Focusing on the Tier4B equipment again, we can compare a Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 540 to a Steiger Quadtrac 620. Both run the Iveco 12.9L, with a twin turbo setup. Both Quadtrac's can be turned up to 700hp, without issue. 

Now, we wouldn't recommend turning your agricultural equipment up to 700hp out of the gate. The question we always ask our Clients is, what are you looking at doing? How much horsepower do you really need? Don't get us wrong, we love power as much as our Friends in the South! Here is the trade off, as we increase horsepower, we increase fuel consumption under 100% engine load. 

There are two main benefits to diesel tuning that we talk to our Clients about when they want to increase their horsepower. The best way to describe horsepower tuning is, we make the engine more efficient. The engine will produce more power, sooner. It'll take less engine load to get up to speed. Chores that use to take 80-85% engine load will be reduced to around 70-75%, for an overall fuel savings. If you get stuck however, you have the extra torque that you need to get out! 

We have been doing some R&D on our horsepower tunes lately, giving Clients more bottom end torque with their tunes. The feedback we have received has been great - they love it. The Iveco engines are amazing engines, they work hard, and have lots of potential. Whether it's a Case IH Puma, Magnum, or Steiger, we have a tune that'll put a smile on your face! 

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