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Reimer Tuning

2011-2016 Kubota SVL 90/90-2 Reflash

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Reflash Options
Horsepower Tunes

Tier 4B Interim EGR/DPF Removal and Horsepower Tuning

We can ship anywhere in North America in 1 business day
Includes 1 year software warranty
Note: Items with expedited shipping ordered after 12 ET will not go out until the following day. 

 Kit includes:
- DPF Reset Module
- EGR Blocker Plate and OEM Gasket
- Step by Step instructions via email for removal of DPF filter and install of EGR plate/gasket

Horsepower Options: 
Stage 1: +10% horsepower over factory settings; creating 99hp. 
Stage 2: +20% horsepower over factory settings; creating 108hp. 

FAQ - Aftertreatment Harness 

The aftertreatment harness on the machine is damaged, does it need to be repaired for the tune to work? 

No, our file turns off the entire aftertreatment harness. This means that the harness does not have to be reapired for the can bus system to work properly. It is not necessary to run resistors, or leave the sensors plugged in for can bus resistance. 

Reflash Master Handheld Device:
Our Reflash Master handheld device is a user-friendly way to tune your machine. Covering a wide variety of applications, the Reflash Master handheld device comes with everything you need to get your equipment back up and running in no time. This handheld comes with all the hardware and software that is required to connect to the machine, and your computer. Included in this kit is the Reflash Master Client software, a Quick Reference Guide, a USB cable, and the required Kubota diagnostic cable. We also have a full walk through tutorial video to show the entire process from start to finish. The Reflash Master can also be used on multiple pieces of equipment, contact us for more information.

In need of more power? 
This is a question that we get asked quite often. If you are in a situation where you feel like the machine you have is lacking in the horsepower department, we can help! When it comes to horsepower increases, the best way to explain it is that we are making the engine more efficient. It produces more power, sooner. When operating the equipment, it will take less load on the engine to get up to speed. This reduced the overall load on the engine, and as a result reduces the amount of fuel required. If there is a situation where more power is needed, you’ll have the extra horsepower available to you! It really is the best of both worlds. 

What is an EGR System, and why remove them?
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) is a method that is used to control Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions. The purpose of this system is to return a small portion of exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber through the intake manifold. Lowering combustion temperature, resulting in a reduction of NOx emissions. The issue with EGR systems is that the valve can stick open due to carbon deposits. A worst case scenario is that the EGR becomes completely blocked, this will result in poor fuel mileage and a loss of power. When this occurs, it results in engine warning lights and the equipment going into limp mode. The vast majority of exhaust gas recirculation valves power off in the closed position. This means that once they are de-energized, they are in the shut position. On a few select applications, we offer block off plates. These plates are used as a fail safe, to ensure that there is no exhaust coming back into the intake system. 

Emissions Removal: 
Custom emissions system reflashing is a popular option. We can provide customers that are experiencing costly downtime and high fuel consumption emissions solutions for machines that are on or off warranty. Through custom tailoring of the engine control module, we can remove the exhaust gas recirculation, diesel particulate filter, and diesel exhaust fluid (also known as UREA). This will increase the machine's overall efficiency and reliability!  

Emissions tuning is for off-road use only. Please consult your Provincial or State legislation, as this product may not be street legal. Removal of emissions systems cannot be performed on vehicles that are registered for highway use. It is up to the Consumer to know and understand their local legislation prior to purchasing.

We have been around since 2014, and we are excited to work with you! Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.